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Seventh International Congress of the Spanish

Society of Iranian Studies (SEI)

Madrid. June 20, 2017.

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the Seventh International Congress of the SEI will be held in Madrid at the Autonoma University during October 16-17.

It is a pleasure to invite all members of the SEI and of the scientific community in Spain and abroad to take part. As you are aware of, the scope of our association addresses experts in any field of Iranian studies (culture, history, religion, language, antropology, gender issues, media, etc.) focusing on any specific period of its vast civilization.

As in previous years, each speaker will have 25 minutes to present a paper, and usually at the end of each section there will be roundtable in which the speakers shall interact with the attendees. The official languages are Spanish, English and Persian, but foreign participants may present their paper in their native language, provided that they inform the SEI Committee of this fact.
Due to the large number of papers received, a scientific committee will select the paper proposals received. The selection will be carried out solely on the basis of their interest to the scientific community in view of the current state of the art. In order to conduct this process, please send an abstract between 500 – 1000 words summarizing the most salient points of your presentation. Please attach your CV. SEI members are exempt from this requirement of attaching their CV.
Please note that the deadline for reception of paper proposals is August 1, 2017. In any event, if you wish to participate, please send us an email as soon as practicable in order to start drafting the program for the two days of our annual conference. We recommend, if possible, to send us a provisional title for your presentation for classification.
The SEI will take care of your accomodation expenses in Spain for two nights. The inauguration dinner of October 16 and lunch on October 17 will be a courtesy of our association. The cost of travelling to and from your country to Madrid is not paid by the SEI.

Speakers will receive 130 euro in consideration for their participation in our Congress, this amount will be paid by bank transfer to them, on receipt of their paper duly edited for publication. On adjournement of the Annual Congress, the participants will be informed of the deadline for submission of the papers according to international standards of publication.
Please send your proposals to the incumbent secretary of the SEI, Dr. Joaquín Rodríguez Vargas, (

It will be a pleasure to see you all in Madrid and without any doubt this Seventh Congress will be a fantastic opportunity to share views with other colleagues and further research in the field of Iranian studies on an international basis.

Best regards,

Alfred G. Kavanagh
Presidente de la SEI

Joaquín R. Vargas
Secretario en funciones de la SEI



Call for Papers

Madrid, June 3, 2016.

Dear colleagues and members of the Spanish Society of Iranian Studies,

Within the framework of the activities of the SEI, we hold a yearly international conference in a Spanish university. Our next meeting will be held in the city of Murcia, on October 6-7, 2016.

This venue affords an excellent opportunity for experts in different fields related to Persian/Iranian studies to come together and share their experiences. The alloted time for the presentation of each paper is 30 minutes followed by a debate at the end of each session.

The Conference is divided into two major sections, the Pre-Islamic Period and the Islamic Period which also includes contemporary issues (such as international relations, cinema, gender studies, etc.). The official language for all communications is either Spanish or English, but it is possible, if requested, to present papers in the native language of the speaker.

The Board of Spanish Society of Iranian Studies usually invites several key note speakers from different public or private institutions to join us and take part in our discussions.

The Board incluyes a scientific comité comprising a select number of members of the Board and the editors of the Journal of Iranian studies who will screen the papers on a peer basis as a prior step to the final selection of the speakers who will take part in the Conference. Such screening is carried out on the sole basis of the research and innovative aspects of the communications submitted. We kindly request the potential participants to submit his CV and a summary between 500-1000 words of their paper with an abstract and the main issues addressed.

The deadline for the reception of these papers is: August 1, 2016. However, it is advisable to send us an email as soon as practicable if you wish to participate in order to be able to prepare in advance the timetable for the two days of our Annual Conference.
Our email is:

Please note that the organization will cover the transportation costs within Spain and the stay (two nights) in Murcia. We are also pleased to invite you to our welcome dinner on the first day and our farewall lunch on the last day.

As a contribution to the effort made by our colleagues and experts in the furtherance of Iranian culture and civilization, the authors of the selected papers will be paid the sum of 130 euro and, additionally, their papers will be published in the Official Bulletin of the Spanish Society of Iranian studies.

It will be a pleasure to meet up with you in Murcia and enjoy two days of intense exchanges that will surely contribute to new avenues of research in the field of Iranian Studies. You may forward this invitation to any colleagues or experts whom you consider would be interested in participating in the Sixth Annual Conference of Iranian Studies.

With my best regards,

Alfred G. Kavanagh
Chairman of the SEI

Joaquín R. Vargas
Secretary of the SEI


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What is Iranology?

Iranology is an interdisciplinary fieldthat deals with the study of the Iranian world, from the first Sumerian and Akkadian civilizations established where the Euphrates and the Tigris meet, to modern day Iran. The Spanish Iranology Association welcomes scholars, whose work focuses on the different languages, religions, and cultural, political and social manifestations of Persia as the nation, whose culture, language, history, and literature stood out the most amongst all other peoples of Iran and the surrounding areas, and had the greatest influencein shaping the Iranian world.


1. To disseminate and support Iranology studies at Spanish universities.
2. To promote the conduct of research projects on any topicwithin thefield of Iranian studies.
3. To support the creation, translation, and editing of works related to the Iranian world.
4. To support the training of teaching staff and researchers in this area through study or research scholarships in Iran.
5. To liaise between cultural institutions in Spain and Iran.

To promote joint research projects on history and archaeology.















































































































































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