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In accordance with the statutes of the SEI, one of the priority tasks of this institution devoted to Iranology is to broaden the knowledge about the different aspects of Iran in a rigorous and critical way, without adopting any ideological position.

On a biannual basis, the SEI publishes an Iranology Bulletin that can be consulted in PDF format on this website, which includes the publications of its members that have been selected by the SEI’s editorial board.

Currently the Editorial Board it is composed of:

  • The president of the SEI: Dra. Tea Vardosanidze.
  • The secretary of the SEI: Gerardo Matallana Medina.

Every year, the SEI organizes a congress at a Spanish university, which is open to both members and anyone with an interest in some aspect of Persian culture.

Over the course of two days, they will be able to enjoy the presentations by Spanish and foreign specialists that take place in morning and afternoon sessions. We invite you to know the content of these conferences by clicking on the “Congresses” tab on this web page.

The meetings held prior to the creation of the Spanish Iranology Society are included in the tab “Preliminary Meetings”

The SEI also organizes monographic courses, workshops and open days in collaboration with other institutions. To obtain updated information on the available courses, please go to the “Courses” tab.