Those individuals or legal entities, of any nationality, who provide financial support for the development of SEI activities will have the character of sponsors. The Sponsor will not be a member of the SEI, nor will it be a member of the Board of Directors. The annual fee to be paid by the sponsor will be 700 euros. Sponsors will have the following rights:

Be mentioned as a sponsor in all SEI publications and events, which includes the possibility of including your logo, trade name or other distinctive signs in a relevant place that proves your distinguished sponsorship.

Request the collaboration of the SEI for events organized by the Sponsor that are related to the purposes of the Association.

Receive free SEI publications

Attend conferences, congresses and meetings organized by the SEI. In the case of monographic courses, they may attend for free.

Participate in the training activities organized for members.

Receive periodic information on the activities of the Association

To become a Sponsor of SEI, contact us.