II congress of Iranologists from Spain and Iran held in Madrid

Madrid, España. IRNA. December 17th, 2008
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The II meeting of Iranologists from Spain and Iran has been held in one of the premises of the Cultural Council of Iran in Madrid, in which researchers and specialists in the fields of the Iranian world have participated.

This second meeting was held mainly to approve the statutes of the Institute of Iranology that is planned to be formed; a body that will combine the scattered efforts of Spanish and Iranian researchers and Iranologists. The foundation of this institute was decided at the first meeting, held last year.

In this second meeting, the cultural advisor of Iran in Spain, Seyyed Ahmad Khezri, stressed the importance of the foundation of said Institute and the fact that “… in Spain Iran is not well known, despite the relationship that have existed between both countries”. “Iran is a country with a very rich culture whose importance does not get slipped by no one. But in Spain the importance and historical position of this relevant and influential country in the areas such as culture, literature, knowledge, art, politics and economics is neither sufficiently nor correctly known” he said in his brief intervention.

For Khezri, this ignorance is partly due to the fact that specialists in the Persian and Iranian world carry out a scattered work without there being an organization or institute that unifies and organizes their efforts, in front of which he expressed his hope that said Institute  undertake the channelling the efforts and research by specialists in Iranology and Shiism, and from that on, studies of the Persian language and on Iranology be promoted at the Spanish university.

The events were also attended by José María Blázquez, Said Hushangi (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Alberto Cantera (Universidad de Salamanca), José Cutillas Ferrer (Universidad de Alicante), Miguel Ángel Pérez Martín (Association of Hispanic-Iranian Friendship), Joaquín Rodríguez Vargas, José Francisco Durán Velasco (Universidad de Seville), Antonio Gonzalo, Esther Jiménez (Universidad de Barcelona), Clara Janés (poet and translator), among other assistants, each of whom gave their opinion on the Institute’s project and they participated in the approval of its statutes.

The Meeting was also attended by the Consul of the Iranian Embassy in Madrid, Mayid Ali Maddi.

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Madrid, España. IRNA. December 17, 2008